About Us

Founded in the UK in 2020 during the Covid 19 lock down, Shoesmyth turned from an idea to a business model followed by a website within a few weeks.

Why Shoesmyth? Some brand names aim to be too clever. Instead, we wanted to put forward a straightforward message about what our business does. Keeping it clean was our motto from the start and we still abide by that. Our brand name is all about shoes, "Does exactly what it says on the tin" but our branding trick is adopting the old form of "Shoesmith". Shoesmyth is a traditional style word for a shoemaker, shoe designer or shoe repairer. A simple letter change can make all the difference. 

As a trainer enthusiast and sports lover it became clear there was a gap in the market for fully customised trainers designed with sporting intention. After a few mock up designs and a survey that went out to over 100 sport loving people it became clear that I needed to create more designs aimed at the super fans. From this, Shoesmyth then reached Movie enthusiasts & Music lovers which evolved our model to not just sports designs but also other industries. 

As trainer enthusiasts we know how the perfect trainer feels like in terms of comfort. Therefore, we took our designs and our materials to manufacturers around the globe before deciding on where was best to manufacture our shoes. Our shoes are digitally designed by our design team in the United Kingdom before scans are sent off to to be manufactured onto our shoe styles at our Chinese manufacturing company. We use some of the best materials available on our shoes alongside perfect craftsmanship. All shoes pass a quality control check before any orders are fulfilled - so you can be sure you're going to receive a perfect pair of trainers.

We currently use Full Fly Knit upper material, an innovative & highly responsive insole cushioning, a soft inner lining which adds comfort and a rubber outsole which is non slip & abrasion resistant. We also use top of the range breathable lining in our trainers. 

We look forward to designing your dream trainer.